Meet the people in the department:

VP for Communications

Vice President for Communications Justin Anderson
Vice President for Communications
Diana Lawrence Director of Media Relations
Associate Vice President for Communications

Media Relations

Julie E. Bonette
Media Relations Officer
David S. Hirsch
Senior Media Relations Officer
Amy Olson Senior Media Relations Officer
Senior Media Relations Officer
Erin Supinka Social Media Manager
Assistant Director for Digital Engagement
Hannah Welch Media Relations Assistant
Media Relations Assistant

News & Editorial Services

Anne Adams Managing Editor
Managing Editor
Charlotte E. Albright
Senior Writer
Joe Blumberg Science Writer
Science Writer
Susan J. Boutwell Director of Editorial Services
Director of Editorial Services
Rebekah Henson Editorial & Digital Content Manager
Editorial & Digital Content Manager
Bill Platt Senior Writer
Senior Writer
Hannah Silverstein Senior Writer
Senior Writer

Creative Services

Arnt Björkman Digital Producer
Digital Producer
Eli Burakian '00 College Photographer
College Photographer
Richard Clark Senior Graphic Designer
Senior Graphic Designer
Amos Esty Manager of Creative Services
Director of Digital Strategy and Creative Services
Robert Gill
Multimedia Manager
Corinne Arndt Girouard Web Producer
Digital Asset Manager
Chris Johnson
Video Producer


Kathy Ouellette Administrative Coordinator
Administrative Coordinator
Office of Communications