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The Dartmouth Public Voices Fellowship, an initiative launched in partnership with The OpEd Project, is dedicated to increasing the impact of the nation's top scholars. 

The annual program is customized for up to 20 Dartmouth thought leaders who meet four times a year for interactive, daylong seminars designed to expand their thinking and amplify their expertise. Since its launch in 2012, fellows participating in the Dartmouth initiative have published more than 160 opinion pieces in print and digital media. Several fellows have parlayed their op-eds into appearances on radio and television. Fellows also collaborate across disciplines to foster ideas and opinions.

Dartmouth Public Voices fellows are matched with journalist mentors from major media outlets who work one-to-one with them throughout the fellowship period. Fellows can also join monthly calls with media insiders, including editors and producers at outlets such as National Public Radio, the New York Times, CNN, Take Part, the Huffington Post, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Fellows receive ongoing mentoring support following the conclusion of the program.

The 2017 Dartmouth Public Voices Fellowship began in February. Fellows commit to attend four seminars in Hanover (February 24 and 25, April 28, September 15, and November 10). To apply for 2018 or learn more, please contact Diana Lawrence in the Office of Communications at (603) 646-8222.

Op-Eds by Dartmouth Public Voices Fellows

Lisa Adams
Associate Dean of Global Health and Associate Professor of Medicine and Community and Family Medicine

Why Get a Liberal Education? It Is the Life and Breath of Medicine
The Conversation, 8/15/16

How NOT to Save the World: Why U.S. Students Who Go to Poor Countries to 'Do Good' Often Do the Opposite
The Washington Post, 3/22/16

Rebecca Biron
Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature, Dean of the College

The 'I' in Internet Addiction
The Huffington Post, 2/21/14

El Chapo and the Phantom Menace
Al Jazeera America, 2/27/14

Petra Bonfert-Taylor
Professor of Engineering

Stop Telling Kids You're Bad at Math. You Are Spreading Math Anxiety 'Like a Virus.’
The Washington Post, 4/25/16

Lessons From the Sharing Economy
Inside Higher Ed, 10/31/16

Elizabeth Cascio
Associate Professor of Economics

Here's How to Sniff Out Bad Science
San Jose Mercury News, 6/26/15

William Cheng
Assistant Professor of Music

Renovating the Ivory Tower
Junction Magazine, 9/2/2016

The Long, Sexist History of ‘Shrill’ Women
TIME, 3/23/2016

I'm a Musician Who Can't Play Music Anymore
The Washington Post, 1/20/16

Don't Be a Donald (A New Year's Resolution)
The Huffington Post, 12/30/15

This Is Still the 'Voice': New Season, Same Blind Spot?
Pacific Standard, 9/25/15

Rogue Nation's Impossible Missing Kiss
Hippo Reads, 9/10/15

Dodging Torture (Again)
The Huffington Post, 8/20/15

Mariah Carey in Vegas: Going for the High
RYOT, 7/29/15

Ethnomusicology's Queer Silences
Oxford University Press Blog, 7/28/15

Gamergate's Cold War
The Huffington Post, 6/26/15

My Students Never Use the First Person Voice. I Wish They Would.
Slate, 6/11/15

Meritocracy's Darker Notes
The Huffington Post, 5/22/15

Paul Christesen
Chair of the Department of Classics and the William R. Kennan Professor of Ancient Greek History

The Making the Case for a New Olympics Model
The Conversation, 7/11/16

Ayo Coly
Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and of African and African American Studies

#BernieSoBlack in the Context of ''Confederate Flag Down, Rainbow Flag Up''
Truth Out, 7/20/15

Healing Is Not Grieving: We Must Not "Move Forward" in the Wake of Massacre
Truth Out, 7/3/15

When Charlie Is Not French
The American Prospect, 5/4/15

Sienna Craig
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology, Affiliated Faculty, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Program and Women and Gender Studies Program

Mountain Spirits and the Shaking Earth
Glaicier Hub, 10/20/2015

Senses of Connection
​Savage Minds, 6/26/2015

Thinking in an Emergency or, Free Tents as a Cautionary Tale
Savage Minds, 6/19/2015

What Americans Can Learn From a Vial of Tibetan Spit
Pacific Standard, 8/18/14

Fleeced: A Look at the Terrible Life of Migrant Workers Everywhere
Pacific Standard, 6/16/14

Alternative Paths to Wellness a Political Act With Winners, Losers
The Huffington Post, 3/31/14

My Same-Sex Parents, a Proud Secret
CNN, 2/18/14

Marc Dixon
Associate Professor of Sociology

Right-to-Work’s Big Moment
The Hill, 6/15/15

Darlene Drummond
Assistant Professor of Speech

Why Are We So Slow to Fight Zika? The Fault Is in Our Words
THe Hill, 98/16

Diabetes at the Holidays: Tough Lessons We Learned
Next Avenue, 12/22/16

The Stress of Systemic Poverty Is Killing Us
Pacific Standard, 4/20/16

Leslie Fall
Professor of Pediatrics and Associate Dean for Faculty Development and at the Geisel School of Medicine

Should Medical Education Be More Virtual?
The Evolllution, 7/8/15

Mary Flanagan
Professor of Film and Media Studies, Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor in Digital Humanities

The Trouble with White Board Interviews
Concord Monitor, 12/21/15

Violent Video Games Reveal the Dark Side of Play
The Huffington Post, 7/31/14

By 2020, Make the Game Industry 50/50
GamaSutra, 7/25/14

Don't Demonize Video Games for Violence
USA Today, 7/25/14

The Classroom as Arcade
Inside Higher Ed, 6/6/14

How You Can Save Libraries With Just a Few Clicks
OZY, 9/8/2016

Video Game Industry Needs to Be More Gender Inclusive
Gamasutra, 3/19/14

Cecilia Gaposchkin
Associate Professor of History and Assistant Dean of Faculty for Pre-Major Advising

The Continuing Importance of the Liberal Arts: An Interview with Dr. Cecilia Gaposchkin
apholt.com, 2/17/2016

Here Are Some More Reasons Why Liberal Arts Matter
The Conversation, 11/5/15

Why the Tech World Highly Values a Liberal Arts Degree
The Washington Post, 8/30/15

Just What Are the Liberal Arts Anyway?
The Huffington Post, 7/20/15

If Students Are Smart, They’ll Major in What They Love
The Chronicle of Higher Education, 5/21/15

Alysia Garrison
Assistant Professor of English

What 'Frankenstein' Can Tell Us About Climate Change
Cognoscenti, 5/4/16

Those Naked Donald Trump Statues? They Have a Secret History
The National Book Review, 11/4/16

The Impersonal Politics of the Guy Fawkes Mask 
The Conversation, 12/23/15

Leslie Henderson
Dean of Faculty Affairs and Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, and Professor of Physiology and Neurobiology and of Biochemistry, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Elite Schools Bring Science Opportunities to Students Across the State    
Concord Monitor, 2014

Why Get a Liberal Education? It Is the Life and Breath of Medicine
The Conversation, 8/15/16

Curing One of Our Society’s Greatest Ills: Addiction

OZY, 6/5/16
Check the Science: Being Trans Is Not a 'Choice'
Ozy, 5/24/16

People Like Us: How Our Brains View Others
The Conversation, 11/11/14

Supplements, Steroids, and Unsuspecting Customers
Al Jazeera America, 9/10/14

On Transgender Issues, We Tend to Forget Our Most Powerful Sexual Organ Is the Brain
The Huffington Post, 6/25/14

Of Mice and (Wo)men
Al Jazeera America, 5/28/14

Jobs Without Borders
Al Jazeera America, 4/16/14

Why Are Synthetic Hormones Off-Limits in Sports?
Pacific Standard, 3/3/14

Jane Hill
Associate Professor of Engineering

Tuberculosis Kills Thousands of People Every Day–We Aren't Doing Enough to Stop It
The Conversation, 3/30/16

Kendall Hoyt
Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and Lecturer at the Thayer School of Engineering

Ebola Is Bad. But the Flu Is Worse
Politico, 10/7/14 

Vaccines Weren't Ready for Ebola. We Can Do Better
Wired, 8/27/15

How World War II Spurred Vaccine Innovation
The Conversation, 5/8/15

Irene Kacandes
Professor of German Studies and Comparative Literature

Diabetes at the Holidays: Tough Lessons We Learned
Next Avenue, 12/22/16

A Wake Up Call For Western Europe: 30 Children Allegedly Raped In A Turkish Refugee Camp
Cognoscenti, 5/17/16

Why I Decided to Make Friends with Death
Next Avenue, 4/1/16

Beyond Fear
Utopia Europa, 3/14/16

On Learning How To Die
NPR, 11/8/15

Julie Kim
Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Geisel School of Medicine

When the Patient is a Racist
The Health Care Blog, 4/8/17

The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen: 4/21/17 (Interview)
WNHN 94.7’s The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen, 4/21/17

Moving Beyond Confucianism
The Huffington Post, 4/25/17

Kathryn Kirkland
Professor of Medicine and of the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice at the Geisel School of Medicine

Our President Offered to Help Charlie Gard. Is This an About Face on His American Health Care Act?
The Huffington Post, 5/3/1

My Father's Heartbreaking Return to North Korea
Salon, 7/3/17

Why I Encourage My Seriously Ill Patients to Imagine the Worst
WBUR, 5/29/17

Finding Joy in Practice: Cocreation in Palliative Care
JAMA, 5/23/17

When Doctors Should Ignore End-of-Life Directives
​Next Avenue, 4/17/17

Yuliya Komska
Assistant Professor of German

Learn a Language for a Neighbor
Pacific Standard, 3/25/15

The Double Standard of Our Solidarity
Pacific Standard, 1/27/15

In Germany, the Wall That Didn't Fall
Al Jazeera America, 11/8/14

The Day Poroshenko Let Us Think of Ukraine Again
Al Jazeera America, 9/19/14

The Monolingual American: Why Are Those Outside of the U.S. Encouraging It?
Pacific Standard , 7/29/14

When Annexing Crimea Is Not Enough
Al Jazeera America, 4/17/14

ZunZuneo: Do Former Users Even Care That It Was Secretly Built by USAID?
Pacific Standard, 4/14/14

Growing Up With War Loot
Al Jazeera America, 4/12/14

The Unconventional Role Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel Could Play in the Ukraine Crisis
Pacific Standard, 3/17/14

Malaysia: Crisis management on a need-to-know basis
WBUR, 5/13/14

What Red Deer Tell Us About Our Dangerous Iron Curtain Obsession
Pacific Standard, 3/11/14

Made in Ukraine
Al Jazeera America, 2/19/14

Tim Lahey
Associate Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology, and of the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

Let Opioid Users Inject in Hospitals
The New York Times, 1/6/17

Thinking About Dying, Even When the Doctor Has No Time for It
WBUR, 7/21/16

Opioid Contracts, Meant to Curb Addiction, Can Harm Patients
STAT News, 7/26/16

Swipe Right to Connect Young People to H.I.V. Testing
The New York Times, 4/27/16

Kathryn Lively
Professor of Sociology

U.S. Leads In Childhood Obesity
Garnet News, 7/12/17

America’s Drug Of Choice: It’s Not What You Think
The Huffington Post, 4/5/17

Vicki May
Associate Professor of Engineering

Engineers are Not Smart
The Huffington Post, 7/22/14

In Search of the 'Piece of Resistance' to Increase Interest in Engineering
The Huffington Post, 3/18/14

Broadening the Path to Engineering
The Huffington Post, 3/11/14

Petra McGillen
Assistant Professor of German Studies

Techniques of 19th-Century Fake News Reporter Teach Us Why We Fall for It Today
The Conversation, 4/5/17

Ellen Meara
Professor of the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

Half of Americans Now Know an Opioid Addict: Column
USA Today, 8/7/16

Yes, I Got Tenure—and a Lot of Grief Along the Way
WBUR, 3/28/16

Carolyn Murray
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Community and Family Medicine, and of The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice

Column: Test Upper Valley Well Water for Arsenic
Valley News, 5/21/15

Abigail Neely
Assistant Professor of Geography

Bernie Sanders Has Proven He's Viable
The Wisconsin State Journal, 4/1/16

Laura Ogden
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Trump's Toxic Threat: Obliviousness to Climate Change, Even in His Backyard
Cognoscenti, 8/22/16

Casting It as Big Sugar vs. Big Nature Isn't Helping to Restore the Everglades
Tampa Bay Times, 4/6/16

Chandrasekhar Ramanathan
Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy

The Culture of Science Begins in the Classroom
San Francisco Chronicle, 9/6/15

Israel Reyes
Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

Hamilton's History Lessons: Bad for Puerto Rico
Medium, 10/14/16

Hispanic Students Often Benefit Culturally from Enrolling in Spanish-Language Courses in College
Los Vegas Sun, 4/29/16

Opinion: What 'Rape Mexico' Really Means
Fox News Latino, 4/20/16

Jeffrey Ruoff
Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies

The Dangerous Truth About White Men and Mass Shootings
Slant, 12/18/15

An American Citizen Apologizes to the Iraqi People
The Huffington Post, 10/31/15

Do Liberal Arts Students Learn How to Collaborate?
The Conversation, 10/29/15

No Place Like Homeland
The Huffington Post, 10/1/15

When Film Is a Festival
The Huffington Post, 9/8/15

With Jeb and Torture, It's Déjà Vu All Over Again
The Huffington Post, 8/29/15

Homophobia Just Ain’t What It Used to Be
The Conversation, 5/28/15

Is Investigative Journalism a Joke?
Pacific Standard, 4/23/15

Ivy Schweitzer
Professor of English and of Women’s and Gender Studies

Who Doesn't Love a Wall?
Los Angeles Review of Books, 7/14/17

Friendship as Civic Democratic Practice
Los Angeles Review of Books, 4/15/17

Eesha Sharma
Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the Tuck School of Business

Feeling Wealthy? How Your Tax Refund (or Payment) Is Influencing You.
The Huffington Post, 4/26/17

Devin Singh
Assistant Professor of Religion

The Trinity and Social Capital, or, Some Benefits of Teaching Theology in a Liberal Arts Curriculum
The Huffington Post, 4/27/16

The Panama Papers and the Ritual of Confession
Patheos, 5/2/16

Who Absolves the Priests? The Panama Papers, Transparency, and Confession
The Huffington Post, 5/6/16

This Is What Ancient Greeks Would Have Called Donald Trump
TIME, 3/18/16

Roberta Stewart
Professor of Classical Studies

From Lucretia's Ashes Rises the Solution to America's Campus, Military Rape Crisis
The Huffington Post, 2/19/14

Craig Sutton
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Why Are Low-Income High Achievers So Underrepresented at Elite Schools?
The Washington Post, 12/18/15

Steve Swayne
Jacob H. Strauss 1922 Professor of Music, Music Department Chair

Will Football and CTE Give Way to Futbol and Do-Re-Mi?
Pacific Standard, 8/8/14

The Dangers of Overestimating Music Therapy
The Atlantic, 7/15/14

Listen Up: It's Time to Turn Down the Sound
Pacific Standard, 3/15/14

Music Is Power: Michael Dunn, Jordan Davis, and How We Respond When People Turn Up the Volume
Pacific Standard, 3/5/14

Melanie Benson Taylor
Chair and Professor of Native American Studies

The Convenient Indian: How Activists Get Native Americans Wrong
Los Angeles Review of Books, 4/9/17

Zenovia Toloudi
Assistant Professor of Studio Art

Are We in the Midst of a Public Space Crisis?
The Conversation, 7/7/16

Thalia Wheatley
Associate Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Curing One of Our Society’s Greatest Ills: Addiction
OZY, 6/5/16

The Life of Dan Wegner: A Meeting Place for Joy and Intelligence
Scientific American, 12/1/15

Barbara Will
The A. and R. Newbury Professor of English and Associate Dean of the Arts and Humanities

Shocking Detainment of French Holocaust Scholar
Garnet News, 3/8/17

Margaret Williamson
Associate Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature, Emeritus

Confessions of a White Professor
Pacific Standard, 2/5/16

Georgetown's New Building Names Won't Erase Slavery Ties
TIME, 11/19/15

Time to Rethink Jailing the Poor
San Francisco Chronicle, 06/13/15

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