Dartmouth 250th Toolkit

Dartmouth will commemorate the 250th anniversary of its founding throughout 2019. This momentous occasion will be marked by a year-long program of events designed to capture the College’s unique character, indelible spirit and rich history. As integral parts of Dartmouth, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating this milestone over the next year. We’ve assembled this kit of resources to help you create sestercentennial content for your platforms.If you have any questions, can’t find something you need, or want to collaborate further, please send an email to erin.m.supinka@dartmouth.edu.

Important Upcoming Dates:




For the past 250 years, Dartmouth has helped shape the world. As we pay tribute to Dartmouth’s dynamic past, we look to our present, and the ways our future can continue to lead in a changing world.

  • Dartmouth has long been—and continues to be—the fusion of a renowned liberal arts college and robust research university dedicated to taking on the world’s great challenges.
  • Dartmouth leads, fostering a culture of critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.
  • Dartmouth celebrates its birthplace, a setting of natural beauty that fosters a close-knit community, outdoor recreation, intellectual and artistic engagement, and lifelong bonds.
  • Dartmouth is a diverse community with a global outlook and an international reach


The official hashtag for the sestercentennial is #Dartmouth250. Any content pertaining to the celebration, scheduled events, or history of the College and its community can use the hashtag. A secondary hashtag is #DartmouthLeads, the official tag of the Call to Lead campaign. This should be used with content that highlights pioneering initiatives or community members who are leaders in a particular field. Please feel free to use supplemental hashtags related to your particular area and/or department.

Social content will be moderated and displayed on the celebration's social wall on the 250th website and digital displays at events throughout the year.


A Dartmouth log in is required.

Videos, photos, and other media can be downloaded at https://dartmouth.box.com/s/ke9fe067hvfrrek6e24js0fp2ktzsfis as they become available. If you can’t find a particular asset or would like to collaborate on future assets, please send an email to erin.m.supinka@dartmouth.edu.

Gifs are searchable on Giphy (and Twitter's native desktop and mobile apps) with the keywords #Dartmouth250 or #DartmouthGif. You can grab direct links to the gifs via Dartmouth's giphy channel. 

Additional assets will be made available as they are created. Check this folder often for updates and new content! If you have content you would like added to the folder for other campus partners to use, please send them erin.m.supinka@dartmouth.edu


To help us understand how 250th content is shared and engaged with across our platforms, please use the following spreadsheet, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f3z3k9-Yzl10msavo3F8eivDudSRRM3IJgLz1QWJ12E/edit?usp=sharing, when linking to the 250th site. We’ve established UTM tracking codes for all content pointing back to the website and related properties. Further information on how to use the spreadsheet and the links properly is available on the “How to Use” tab on the sheet. 

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