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Caroline Robertson: sensory perception and cognition in autism, Dartmouth Autism Research Initiative, early detection of autism

Climate Change

Robert Hawley: glaciers and climate, physical glaciology

Anne Kapuscinski: sustainability science, sustainable aquaculture, integrated food-energy systems, fish genetic conservation, environmental policy

Meredith Kelley: climate change, glacial geologic studies, geomorphology

Erich Osterberg: paleoclimatology, climate change, atmospheric chemistry, snow and ice chemistry

Ross Virginia: Polar policy and environmental issues, ecosystem ecology, soil biogeochemical cycling, climate change in polar systems

Jonathan Winter: climate variability and change, climate impacts on water resources and agriculture, global climate model projections, hydroclimate

Fake News

Brendan Nyhan: misperceptions and conspiracy theories, the science of fake news, political communication and the media, political scandal and corruption

The Federal Reserve

Andrew Levin: The Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, monetary policy

Immigration And Refugees

Annelise Orleck: ethnicity and immigration in American history, women in politics, history of women’s rights, workplace equality

Emily Walton: race and place, residential experiences and health among multiple racial and ethnic groups, segregation, ethnic neighborhoods

Richard A. Wright: U.S. immigration, migration, race and racism in labor and housing markets

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies

John (“Jack”) H. Turco: endocrinology, transgender care, sports medicine


Andrew Campbell: ubiquitous computing, wireless networks, mobile computing

Dan Rockmore: complex systems, machine learning, networks, computational harmonic analysis


Daniel Benjamin: terrorism, international security issues, U.S. foreign policy

U.K. Economics

David G. Blanchflower: Brexit, economics of the U.K., statistics, labor economics, microeconomics and econometrics

U.S. Trade Policy

Douglas Irwin: U.S. trade policy, globalization, U.S. trade with China, WTO

U.S. Politics

Joseph Bafumi: Polling numbers, public opinion, America’s polarization

Randall Balmer: American religious history, faith in the presidency

Deborah Jordan Brooks: public opinion regarding female candidates, media and advertising in American politics

Linda L. Fowler: presidential primaries (especially N.H.), interest groups, campaign ethics

Michael C. Herron: election administration, ballot abnormalities and residual votes, government redistribution

Dean Lacy: elections, public opinion, political parties and interest groups

Russell Muirhead: political parties and ideology, democracy and politics

Annelise Orleck: ethnicity and immigration in American history, women in politics, history of women’s rights, workplace equality

Charles Wheelan: public policy, accessible economics, accessible statistics, U.S. protectionism


Francis Magilligan: global water resources, human impacts on watersheds, flood hydrology


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