Office of Communications

Justin Anderson
Senior Vice President for Communications

Diana Lawrence, Guarini '11
Associate Vice President for Communications

Susan Boutwell
Senior Director for Content

Jon Chiappa
Executive Director of Web Services

Harini Barath

Jana Barnello
Media Relations Strategist

Jason Beaton
UX Designer & Front-End Web Developer

Jay Beaudoin
Senior Producer

Amy Bucci
Director of Digital Resources and Strategy

Richard Clark
Senior Graphic Designer

Daniel Maxell Crosby
Senior Producer

LaDarius Dennison
Social Media Producer

Stefanie P. Diaz
Interim Communications Manager for Student Affairs

Kate Everett
Senior Content Strategist

Samantha Fell
Social Media Manager

Spencer Fennell
Web Content Producer

John Gregg
News Director & Managing Editor

Fernando Iglesias
Senior Drupal Developer

Chris Johnson
Senior Video Producer

Morgan Kelly
Senior Media Relations Officer

Megan Landgraf
Senior Digital Producer and Asset Manager

Katie Lenhart
College Photographer

Brian Manning
Web Support Specialist & Production Assistant

Jeff Mattson
Senior Drupal Developer, Development Operations

Aimee Minbiole
Senior Writer

Ben Morgan
Associate Director for Web Services

Mike Murray
Director of Media Production

Amy Olson
Senior Media Relations Officer

Kathy Ouellette
Administrative Coordinator

Chrissy Pearson, Guarini '11
Associate Director of Content Strategy

William Platt
Senior Writer

Simone Silverbush
Director of Communications, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Hannah Silverstein, Guarini '09
Senior Writer

Erin Supinka
Director for Digital Engagement

Signe Taylor
Senior Producer

Jordan Thorpe
Data Analyst, Web and Social Media

Hannah Welch
Associate Director of Data and Analytics

Jocelyn A. Williams
Communications Manager for IDE