Dartmouth Public Voices

The Dartmouth Public Voices Fellowship, an initiative launched in partnership with The OpEd Project, is dedicated to increasing the impact of the nation's top scholars. 

The annual program is customized for up to 20 Dartmouth thought leaders who meet four times a year for interactive, daylong seminars designed to expand their thinking and amplify their expertise. Since its launch in 2012, fellows participating in the Dartmouth initiative have published more than 250 opinion pieces in print and digital media. Several fellows have parlayed their op-eds into appearances on radio and television. Fellows also collaborate across disciplines to foster ideas and opinions.

Dartmouth Public Voices fellows are matched with journalist mentors from major media outlets who work one-to-one with them throughout the fellowship period. Fellows can also join monthly calls with media insiders, including editors and producers at outlets such as National Public Radio, the New York Times, CNN, Take Part, the Huffington Post, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Fellows receive ongoing mentoring support following the conclusion of the program.

Applications for the 2019 Dartmouth Public Voices Fellowship are now being accepted. Fellows must commit to attend four seminars in Hanover (February 22 and 23, April 26, September 6, and November 1). To apply for 2019 or learn more, please contact Diana Lawrence in the Office of Communications at (603) 646-8222.

Recent Op-Eds Published

Don't Brag About Your Large Brain, President Trump
Scientific American
An opinion piece by Jeremy DeSilva, associate professor of anthropology and adjunct associate professor of biological sciences, in which he discusses President Donald Trump's claim of having a large brain, and how having a large brain isn't actually a sign of intelligence. DeSilva notes that the human brain has actually been getting smaller over the course of the last 30,000 years. "Perhaps then we shouldn’t brag about our large brains, but marvel at the more compact brain we have inherited from ancestors who likely had to work together to survive," says DeSilva.

Sputnik Inspired America to Go to Space. Now Teach Our Kids Foreign Languages.
USA Today
Roberto Rey Agudo, research assistant professor of Spanish and Portuguese, discusses language education in the United States, which lags behind peer countries for both K-12 and higher education.

How Platform Strategies Continue to Create Value
MIT Sloan Management Review
An opinion piece coauthored by Geoffrey Parker, professor of engineering and director of the master of engineering management program, Marshall Van Alstyne with Boston University, and Peter Evans from the Innovation & Enterprise Solutions group at KPMG, in which they share lessons for business leaders from the 2018 MIT Platform Strategy Summit.

Our Children Are Being Massacred—and Not By ISIS, But By Guns
The Hill
Lynn Ellen Patyk, associate professor of Russian, discusses the routine nature of gun violence in the United States, and the definitions of national security and terrorism as a result.

The 'English Only' Nativist Movement Comes With a Cost
Los Angeles Times
An opinion piece by Roberto Rey Agudo, research assistant professor of Spanish and Portuguese, in which he discusses the restrictive view of the English-only nativist movement.


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