2014 Public Voices Fellows

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2014 Fellows

Rebecca Biron
Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature

Sienna Craig
Associate Professor of Anthropology; Faculty Affiliate, Asian Societies, Cultures, and Languages; Faculty Affiliate, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Mary Flanagan
Professor of Film and Media Studies and the Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor in Digital Humanities

Leslie Henderson
Dean of Faculty Affairs, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, and Professor of Physiology and Neurobiology

Yuliya Komska
Associate Professor of German

Vicki May
Professor of Engineering at the Thayer School of Engineering

Donald Pease
The Ted and Helen Geisel Third Century Professor in the Humanities, Chair of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program, and Professor of English and of Comparative Literature

Roberta Stewart
Professor of Classical Studies

Steve Swayne
The Jacob H. Strauss 1922 Professor of Music

Peter Tse
Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Thalia Wheatley
Associate Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences and Director of Graduate Studies

Articles by 2014 Fellows

Rebecca Biron
Behind Closed Doors: Rape, Murder, and the Misplaced Confidence of Men
Pacific Standard, 5/14/14

El Chapo and the Phantom Menace
Al Jazeera America, 2/27/14

The 'I' in Internet Addiction
The Huffington Post, 2/21/14

Sienna Craig
Mountain Spirits and the Shaking Earth
Glacier Hub, 10/20/15

Senses of Connection
Savage Minds, 6/26/15

Thinking in an Emergency or, Free Tents as a Cautionary Tale
Savage Minds, 6/19/15

What Americans Can Learn From a Vial of Tibetan Spit
Pacific Standard, 8/18/14

Fleeced: A Look at the Terrible Life of Migrant Workers Everywhere
Pacific Standard, 6/16/14

Meditations on Death, Presence, and Practice
Sacred Matters, 5/1/14

Reasons to Love Writing by Hand
The Huffington Post, 4/2/14

Alternative Paths to Wellness a Political Act With Winners, Losers
The Huffington Post, 3/31/14

My Same-Sex Parents, a Proud Secret
CNN, 2/18/14

Mary Flanagan
The Rise of the 'Automacene': How Robots Will Define the Next Epoch in Human History
Salon, 6/18/18

It's Been a Bad Week for Inclusion in Tech
Role Reboot, 8/10/17

How You Can Save Libraries With Just a Few Clicks
OZY, 9/8/16

The Trouble With White Board Interviews
Concord Monitor, 12/21/15

Violent Video Games Reveal the Dark Side of Play
The Huffington Post, 7/31/14

By 2020, Make the Game Industry 50/50
GamaSutra, 7/25/14

Don't Demonize Video Games for Violence
USA Today, 7/25/14

The Classroom as Arcade
Inside Higher Ed, 6/6/14

Why the Pinkification of Children's Toys Hurts Women
The Daily Beast, 2/27/14

Leslie Henderson
Why Our Brains See the World as 'Us' Versus 'Them'
The Conversation, 6/21/18

Let's Get Up Off Our Knees and Talk
Inside Higher Ed, 10/3/17

Why Get a Liberal Education? It Is the Life and Breath of Medicine
The Conversation, 8/15/16

Curing One of Our Society's Greatest Ills: Addiction
OZY, 6/5/16

Check the Science: Being Trans Is Not a 'Choice'
OZY, 5/24/16

Elite Schools Bring Science Opportunities to Students Across the State
Concord Monitor, 2014

People Like Us: How Our Brains View Others
The Conversation, 11/11/14

Supplements, Steroids, and Unsuspecting Customers
Al Jazeera America, 9/10/14

On Transgender Issues, We Tend to Forget Our Most Powerful Sexual Organ Is the Brain
The Huffington Post, 6/25/14

Of Mice and (Wo)men
Al Jazeera America, 5/28/14

Jobs Without Borders
Al Jazeera America, 4/16/14

Why Are Synthetic Hormones Off-Limits in Sports?
Pacific Standard, 3/3/14

Yuliya Komska
Palm Reading
ARTFORUM, May/June 2020

Fascism in Translation
Boston Review, 11/4/19

The Parents of Curious George
Los Angeles Review of Books, 7/29/19

In Search of an Anti-Fascist Language
Boston Review, 5/17/19

Periodicals Are Reassessing Their Pasts. It's Time for Publishers to Do the Same.
The Washington Post, 3/22/18

Inside the House of Zyklon B
Smithsonian Magazine, 10/10/17

Morgan Freeman Is Educating Americans on Russia. That's a Problem.
The Washington Post, 9/29/17

What to Do With Confederate Monuments: Seven Lessons From Germany
The Washington Post, 8/17/17

US History Is a Pandora's Box. There Has Never Been a Better Moment to Open It
The Guardian, 8/8/17

Learn a Language for a Neighbor
Pacific Standard, 3/25/15

The Double Standard of Our Solidarity
Pacific Standard, 1/27/15

In Germany, the Wall That Didn't Fall
Al Jazeera America, 11/8/14

The Day Poroshenko Let Us Think of Ukraine Again
Al Jazeera America, 9/19/14

The Monolingual American: Why Are Those Outside of the U.S. Encouraging It?
Pacific Standard, 7/29/14

Malaysia: Crisis Management on a Need-to-Know Basis
Reuters, 5/13/14

When Annexing Crimea Is Not Enough
Al Jazeera America, 4/17/14

Can the Kremlin's Bizarre Sci-Fi Stories Tell Us What Russia Really Wants?
Pacific Standard, 4/15/14

ZunZuneo: Do Former Users Even Care That It Was Secretly Built by USAID?
Pacific Standard, 4/14/14

Growing Up With War Loot
Al Jazeera America, 4/12/14

The Unconventional Role Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel Could Play in the Ukraine Crisis
Pacific Standard, 3/17/14

What Red Deer Tell Us About Our Dangerous Iron Curtain Obsession
Pacific Standard, 3/11/14

Made in Ukraine
Al Jazeera America, 2/19/14

Vicki May
Engineers are Not Smart
The Huffington Post, 7/22/14

Are Women Too Empathetic to be Engineers
The Huffington Post, 6/25/14

In Search of the 'Piece of Resistance' to Increase Interest in Engineering
The Huffington Post, 3/18/14

Broadening the Path to Engineering
The Huffington Post, 3/11/14

Donald Pease
In Dr. Seuss' Children's Books, a Commitment to Social Justice That Remains Relevant Today
The Conversation, 7/27/15

Roberta Stewart
From Lucretia's Ashes Rises the Solution to America's Campus, Military Rape Crisis
The Huffington Post, 2/19/14

Steve Swayne
Will Football and CTE Give Way to Futbol and Do-Re-Mi?
Pacific Standard, 8/8/14

The Dangers of Overestimating Music Therapy
The Atlantic, 7/15/14

A Tale of 2 Cultures: We Live in a Stadium, But Need a Sanctuary
Pacific Standard, 7/5/14

Listen Up: It's Time to Turn Down the Sound
Pacific Standard, 3/15/14

Music Is Power: Michael Dunn, Jordan Davis, and How We Respond When People Turn Up the Volume
Pacific Standard, 3/5/14

Thalia Wheatley
Curing One of Our Society's Greatest Ills: Addiction
OZY, 6/5/16

The Life of Dan Wegner: A Meeting Place for Joy and Intelligence
Scientific American, 12/1/15