2019 Public Voices Fellows

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2019 Fellows

Francine A'ness
Assistant Research Professor and Associate Director of the Guarini Institute for International Education

Amber Barnato
Susan J. and Richard M. Levy 1960 Distinguished Professor in Health Care Delivery, Professor of The Dartmouth Institute, and Professor of Medicine at the Geisel School of Medicine

Melody Brown Burkins    
Associate Director for Programs and Research at the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding; Adjunct Professor of Environmental Studies

Carrie Colla
Associate Professor of The Dartmouth Institute at the Geisel School of Medicine

Laura Edmondson
Associate Professor of Theater

Janice McCabe
Associate Professor of Sociology, affiliated with Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Herschel Nachlis
Research Assistant Professor of Government and Policy Fellow at the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences

Katherine Nautiyal
Assistant Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Monica Ndounou
Associate Professor of Theater, affiliated with African and African American Studies and Film & Media Studies

Caroline Robertson
Assistant Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Lara Ronan    
Associate Professor of Neurology and of Medicine at the Geisel School of Medicine

Eugene Santos Jr.    
Professor of Engineering at the Thayer School of Engineering

John Turco
Professor of Medicine at the Geisel School of Medicine

Emily Walton
Associate Professor of Sociology

James Whitfield    
Assistant Professor of Physics

Articles by 2019 Fellows

Anna Adachi-Mejia
A Dartmouth Professor on the Art of Running Meetings With You in the Driver's Seat
Ladders, 8/9/19

Amber Barnato
The Term 'Do Not Resuscitate' Should be Laid to Rest
The Hill, 5/5/19

Carrie Colla
Congress Must Act to Preserve Independent Primary Care Practices
The Hill, 8/3/20

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Health-Care Spending Back on the Rise
The Hill, 11/10/19

There Is No Magic Wand to Fix Health Care
The Hill, 7/19/19

Janice McCabe
How to Hold on to the Adult Friends You Value—and Let Go of the Ones You Don't
NBC News, 5/27/19

Want to Succeed in College? Spend More Time Playing Video Games With Friends.
The Washington Post, 4/15/19

Katherine Nautiyal
Paid Family Leave for Postdocs
Scientific American, 4/1/19

Monica Ndounou
Finding Wakanda Within
American Theatre, 3/1/19

Hollywood Still Has a Diversity Problem
The Hill, 7/31/19

Lara Ronan
While We Wait for Health-care Reform, Here's How We Can Help the Physician Burnout Crisis
The Hill, 8/3/19

An Open Letter to New Interns, Residents and Fellows
in-House, 7/2/19

We Have To Get This Right in 2020 or People Will Continue to Die
Garnet News, 5/1/19

'Medicare for All' Doesn't Address Necessary Doctor Incentives
The Hill, 3/11/19

Eugene Santos Jr.
Artificial Intelligence Needs Guardrails
The Hill, 6/3/19

John Turco
I've Treated Transgender Troops for Years. Trump Is Wrong to Ban Them from the Military.
USA Today, 3/2/19

Emily Walton
Trump and Stephen Miller Capitalize on White America's Fear Its Racial Identity Is Losing Value
NBC News, 12/16/19

What's It Like to Be a Person of Color in Rural New England? Basically Invisible
Cognoscenti, 11/14/19

All College Students Should Take a Mandatory Course on Black History and White Privilege
USA Today, 9/23/19

Dear White People: Moving to a Diverse Neighborhood Isn't Enough
Cognoscenti, 6/7/19