Dartmouth Photos Help

Dartmouth Photos is the digital asset management system used by the Office of Communications to store photos and share them with other offices across campus.

Request Access

To request access to Dartmouth Photos, contact Corinne Girouard at [email protected].

How to Log in

How to Search

Use the keyword search bar at the top of the page to start your search.

For simple searches, enter your search terms separated by spaces in the search box. All filenames, metadata fields, and categories will be included in the search. Examples of common quick searches are:

Phrase search
If the search terms are enclosed by double quotes, only assets matching all of the given terms in sequence will be returned. For example, if you search for ‘big blue fish’ then only assets with the phrase big blue fish will be returned.

Exact search
If the search terms are enclosed by {brackets}, only assets with a field that exactly matches the given input will be returned.

Field specific search
To search on a specific metadata field, enter the label or label abbreviation followed by a colon. For example, filename: blue or fn: blue will return all assets that have blue in the filename. See the abbreviation list of fields for a full listing of available fields.

Does not contain search
To search all fields or a specific field that does not contain a search term, include a hyphen and parentheses around the search term. For example, -(fish) will return all assets that do not contain the search term fish or -(filename:fish) will return all assets where the filename does not contain fish.

Wildcard search
Begins with and ends with searches can be done by using an asterisk (*) as the wildcard character. To find all PDF files, enter in filename: *pdf. This will return all assets where the filename ends in PDF. For starts with searches, include the wildcard at the end of the search term. blue* will return all assets that start with the search term blue

How to Get Help

Amos Esty
Director of Digital Strategy and
Creative Services
Office of Communications
[email protected]

Corinne Girouard
Digital Asset Manager
Office of Communications
[email protected]

Office of Communications