2012-2013 Public Voices Fellows

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2012-2013 Fellows

Margaret Ackerman
Associate Professor of Engineering

Denise Anthony
Professor of Sociology; Faculty Affiliate and past Director, Institute for Security, Technology, & Society; Faculty Affiliate, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice at the Geisel School of Medicine

Lisa Baldez
Cheheyl Professor and Director of the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning, Professor of Government and of Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies

Sonu Bedi
The Joel Parker 1811 Professor in Law and Political Science, Associate Professor of Government, and the Hans '80 and Kate Morris Director of the Ethics Institute

Colleen Glenney Boggs
Professor of English and of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Susan J. Brison
The Eunice and Julian Cohen Professor for the Study of Ethics and Human Values, and Professor of Philosophy

Kathryn Cottingham
The Dartmouth Professor in the Arts & Sciences and Professor of Biological Sciences and of the Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystems, and Society Program

Christiane K. Donahue
Director of the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric and Associate Professor of Linguistics

Veronika Fuechtner
Associate Professor of German Studies and Adjunct Associate Professor of Medical Education at the Geisel School of Medicine

Jennifer Lind
Associate Professor of Government

Jane Lipson
The Albert W. Smith Professor of Chemistry

Andrea Tarnowski
Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature

Dale Turner
Associate Professor of Government and of Native American Studies

Articles by 2012-2013 Fellows

Denise Anthony
Don't Quit Facebook, But Don't Trust It, Either
The Conversation, 3/23/18

The Popeye Paradox
Inside Higher Ed, 3/16/16

Privacy Worries Go Far Beyond Emails
CNN, 12/21/12

Lisa Baldez
U.S. Drops the Ball on Women's Rights
CNN, 3/8/13

Next Time, US Senate Should Ratify UN Disabilities Treaty
The Christian Science Monitor, 12/14/12

Sonu Bedi
Not About Gay Rights: Same Sex Marriage and the Separation of Church & State
The Huffington Post, 3/26/13

Colleen Glenney Boggs
Big Love Meets Big Data
The Huffington Post, 4/22/13

Humans That Harm Animals Should Be Held Accountable
The Guardian, 4/17/13

Quoth the Raven: Hut-Hut
The Huffington Post, 1/31/13

In Defense of Jargon
The Huffington Post, 11/27/12

Pardon Me: The Turkey in American Life
PBS Need to Know, 11/21/12

Lessons from Libya: Why America Needs More Language Teachers
PBS Need to Know, 11/6/12

Susan J. Brison
No Illusions About Al Franken
The Huffington Post, 11/21/17

Waging a Battle Against Sexual and Domestic Violence
Al Jazeera English, 12/26/12

We Need a Violence Against Women Act that Includes All Victims Now
The Huffington Post, 10/26/12

Kathryn Cottingham
Climate Change and Dead Fish: Think Global and Act Local
The Sun Journal, 4/28/13

Veronika Fuechter
Stop Comparing Modi to Hitler—India Is Hardly Weimar Germany
Quartz, 5/18/14

The Socialstaat Keeps Germans Engaged
The New York Times, 5/5/13

Germany's Knowledge of Its Racist Past Has Blinded It to Its Racist Present
Quartz, 1/4/13

Jennifer Lind
The Japan-South Korea Dispute Isn't Just About the Past
The Washington Post, 8/30/19

The Future of the Liberal Order Is Conservative
Foreign Affairs, March-April 2019

Will Trump's Hardball Tactics Work on China and North Korea?
CNN, 8/7/17

When History Humiliates Former Enemies
Women's eNews, 5/4/17

Japan's Security Evolution, Not Revolution
The Wall Street Journal, 7/20/15

Making Up Isn't Hard to Do
Foreign Affairs, 4/1/15

In Australia, Shinzo Abe Astutely Handles History
National Interest, 7/16/14

China's Growing Assertiveness Is Transforming Japan's Security Policy
Al Jazeera America, 7/9/14

Is China Losing Faith in North Korea?
The Guardian, 5/9/14

The Rarity of Honoring Those You've Killed
Al Jazeera America, 4/6/14

Politics and Economy
The Asahi Shimbun, 3/17/14

Are China and America Destined to Clash?
The National Interest, 9/18/13

The Limits on Nationalism in Japan
The New York Times, 7/23/13

When Camelot Went to Japan
The National Interest, July-August 2013

Red Lines and Red Herrings
Foreign Policy, 5/6/13

Will China Finally Bite North Korea?
CNN, 3/14/13

Why Cameron Didn't Apologize to India
The Diplomat, 3/5/13

Pyongyang's Nuclear Logic
Foreign Affairs, 2/13/13

Japan Must Face the Past
The Washington Post, 1/25/13

Japan, the Never Normal
Council on Foreign Relations, 11/30/12

Jane Lipson
You Can't Learn Life's Most Important Lessons in an Online Classroom
Quartz, 1/31/13

Andrea Tarnowski
So Done with Moving On
The Huffington Post, 12/31/12

We All Live in Newtown
The Huffington Post, 12/18/12