Before starting your project or hiring a design firm, please contact the Office of Communications. We will work with you to understand your needs, answer your questions, and help you work within our brand guidelines.

Finding Photos

The Office of Communications maintains Dartmouth Photos, a database containing thousands of photos from the past several years. For help with specific requests, contact Megan Landgraf the digital asset manager in the communications office. To request training to gain access to Dartmouth Photos, go to Dartmouth Photos, click on the green "Log in with NetID" button, and your name will automatically be sent to a pending registration list after which you will be contacted regarding your access.

Other sources of photos include Dartmouth College Photographic Records, an archive maintained by the Dartmouth Library. The archive includes photos taken from 1938 to the present. Photos from 2000 forward can be previewed online.

The Library also maintains a collection of about 80,000 historical photos related to Dartmouth College, Hanover, and the surrounding area.

Request to Have Photos Taken

Photographers in the Office of Communications are available to take portraits of faculty members for use on academic department websites. On occasion, the photographers are able to fulfill other requests for photos from Dartmouth offices. Use this form for photo requests.

A Guide to Choosing Images


Use photography that shows off Dartmouth's sense of community, diversity, and unique activities. Highlight images that show elements of human interaction and feature unexpected locations and events. Avoid using group shots that don't reflect the diversity of the Dartmouth community. Also avoid using shots of students, events, campus culture, and interaction that look posed, inauthentic, cliché, or "college brochure."


Photos of Dartmouth activities


Select images that showcase Dartmouth's unique educational environment. Highlight images that show a diversity of fields, student collaboration, professor-to-student relationships, and hands-on, experiential learning. Avoid classroom images that lack dynamism, professor-to-student engagement, or interaction.


academic images

Sense of Place

Use images that display the beauty of Dartmouth's traditions, landmarks, and the New Hampshire landscape. Show a variety of perspectives—both sprawling and close-up images create dynamic shots. Select images that show off the change of seasons.


campus photos

Illustrative Storytelling

Tell Dartmouth stories in an alternate way. Contemporary illustration can be used for a modern yet warm approach. Utilize student, alumni, and local talent whenever possible.


illustration of the Dartmouth Green

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