Below are guides to creating lockups for different Dartmouth departments, programs, offices, centers, and institutes. A lockup is the intentional arrangement of a logo and its accompanying elements, in this case the wordmark and the name of the department, program, etc. If you have questions about department lockups, contact Richard Clark, senior graphic designer in the Office of Communications.

Before starting your project or hiring a design firm, please contact the Office of Communications. We will work with you to understand your needs, answer your questions, and help you work within our brand guidelines.

1. Departments, Programs, and Administrative Offices

This style of lockup should be used as the official title of all Dartmouth departments, programs, and administrative offices.


Department lockups



Examples of Dartmouth department logo lockups

2. Centers and Institutes

When creating lockups for centers and institutes, either the D-Pine or the center's logo may be used. The height of the logo is determined by the height of the accompanying text. We recommend that the logo appear in Dartmouth Green.


Irving Institute logo lockup



Department lockups

Lockup With Shortened Name

When using a lockup with a shortened name, the logo or D-Pine alongside must remain the same height as the text.


Department lockups

3. Dos and Don'ts

Don't create alternate lockups or alter the relationships of the existing lockups. This includes changing the placement and typeface.


Dartmouth logo lockups that show correct, and incorrect usage

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