2017 Public Voices Fellows

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2017 Fellows

Emily Jean Blanchard
Associate Professor of Business Administration at the Tuck School of Business

Vaughn A. Booker
Assistant Professor of Religion and African and African American Studies

Alexander Chee
Associate Professor of English

Julie Kim
Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Geisel School of Medicine

Kathryn Kirkland
The Dorothy and John J. Byrne, Jr., Distinguished Chair in Palliative Medicine; Professor of Medicine and of the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice at the Geisel School of Medicine

Chelsey Kivland
Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Ellie J. Kyung
Associate Professor of Business Administration at the Tuck School of Business

Kathryn Lively
Interim Dean of the College, Professor of Sociology, and House Professor of South House

Petra McGillen
Assistant Professor of German Studies

Laura McPherson
Assistant Professor of Linguistics

Manish Kumar Mishra
Clinical Assistant Professor of Community and Family Medicine and of The Dartmouth Institute at the Geisel School of Medicine

Klaus Mladek
Associate Professor of German Studies and Comparative Literature

Ivy Schweitzer
Professor of English and of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Eesha Sharma
Associate Professor of Business Administration and the Paul E. Raether Tuck '73 Faculty Fellow at the Tuck School of Business

Brenda Sirovich
Associate Professor of Medicine and Community and Family Medicine, and of the Dartmouth Institute of Health Policy and Clinical Practice at the Geisel School of Medicine

Alva H. Taylor
Faculty Director of Glassmeyer/McNamee Center for Digital Strategies and Associate Professor of Business Administration at the Tuck School of Business

Melanie Benson Taylor
Associate Professor of Native American Studies and House Professor of North Park House

Gail Ayala Taylor
Clinical Professor of Business Administration and Research Scholar at the Tuck School of Business

Ulrike G. K. Wegst
Associate Professor of Engineering at the Thayer School of Engineering

Barbara Will
The A. and R. Newbury Professor of English and Associate Dean of the Arts and Humanities

Articles by 2017 Fellows

Emily Jean Blanchard
Trump's Trade War Cost Republicans Congressional Seats in 2018 Midterm Elections – Analysis
Vox, 11/26/19

Trade Wars in the Global Value Chain Era
Vox, 6/20/19

Alexander Chee
How to Unlearn Everything
Vulture, 10/30/19

The Changeling
Longreads, April 2018

Alexander Chee on the Life, Work and Loss of His Mentor, Kit Reed
Los Angeles Times, 11/16/17

Alexander Chee's Guilty Reading Pleasure: Tom Ripley
Los Angeles Times, 8/3/17

Julie Kim
A Rude Awakening
AAMC News, 7/10/18

I'm a Pro-Marijuana Pediatrician But I Have a Dark Reason for Taking This Stance
The Huffington Post, 4/4/18

I'm a Pediatrician, & I'm Against the Santa Myth
SheKnows, 12/23/17

DNA Testing for a Holiday Gift? Be Prepared for Aftershocks and Fallout.
The Huffington Post, 12/14/17

My 14-Year-Old Cancer Patient May Be Addicted to Opioids. What Do I Do?
The Health Care Blog, 10/25/17

Invest in Family Drug Courts
Concord Monitor, 9/20/17

Why this Tiger Mother Supports Affirmative Action
Inside Higher Ed, 8/13/17

To Diversify Med Schools, Focus on Completion
Inside Higher Ed, 8/6/17

Cancer Is Not the Biggest Threat to My Pediatric Patients. It Is Their Parents' Addictions.
The Huffington Post, 7/24/17

My Father's Heartbreaking Return to North Korea
Salon, 7/3/17

Our President Offered to Help Charlie Gard. Is This an About Face on His American Health Care Act?
The Huffington Post, 5/3/17

When the Patient is a Racist
The Health Care Blog, 4/8/17

The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen: 4/21/17 (Interview)
WNHN 94.7's The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen, 4/21/17

Moving Beyond Confucianism
The Huffington Post, 4/25/17

Kathy Kirkland
Walking the Shoreline: Erosion, Regrowth, and Professional Formation
JAMA, 12/19/17

Trump's Botched Condolence Call to Sgt. La David Johnson's Widow: What We All Can Learn
USA Today, 10/27/17

Stop Telling People They're Fighters Who Will 'Beat' Their Unsurvivable Disease
USA Today, 8/28/17

Why I Encourage My Seriously Ill Patients to Imagine the Worst
WBUR, 5/29/17

Finding Joy in Practice: Cocreation in Palliative Care
JAMA, 5/23/17

When Doctors Should Ignore End-of-Life Directives
Next Avenue, 4/17/17

Chelsey Kivland
Haitian Deportees Face an Unconscionable Crisis During the Pandemic
SAPIENS, 7/1/20

Do Guns Possess the Power to Change Us?
SAPIENS, 4/19/19

Why Climate Change Is Worsening Public Health Problems
The Conversation, 1/25/18

A Defense of the Charlottesville Counter-Protesters
Anthropology News, 10/17/17

Reclaiming the Populist Moment
AlterNet, 10/9/17

Why Not All Crimes by Immigrants Should Lead to Deportation
Take Care Blog, 6/23/17

Is the Developed World We've Created Giving Us Cancer?
The Conversation, 6/4/17

Ellie J. Kyung
When More Information Leads to More Uncertainty
Harvard Business Review, 6/9/20

Hate Today's Politics? How to Teach Kids About Tolerance
She Knows, 10/24/17

Kathryn Lively
U.S. Leads in Childhood Obesity
Garnet News, 7/12/17

America's Drug of Choice: It's Not What You Think
The Huffington Post, 4/5/17

Petra McGillen
Techniques of 19th-Century Fake News Reporter Teach Us Why We Fall for It Today
The Conversation, 4/5/17

Laura McPherson
We Can't Stem the Tide of Language Death
Los Angeles Review of Books, 10/19/17

Greater Recognition of Africa's Invisible Female Entrepreneurs Needed
Women's eNews, 5/4/17

Klaus Mladek
In English We Trust: Can We Be Global Citizens Without Knowing Foreign Languages?
The Hill, 4/4/19

Whatever Happened to Justice for All?
Los Angeles Review of Books, 1/11/18

Why Justice Is More Important Than the Rule of Law
The Conversation, 12/18/17

Reclaiming the Populist Moment
AlterNet, 10/9/17

Merkel Won, So Why Aren't Germans Celebrating?
WBUR, 9/27/17

Gorsuch and the Crisis of Poetic Justice
The Huffington Post, 5/5/17

Ivy Schweitzer
Who Doesn't Love a Wall?
Los Angeles Review of Books, 7/14/17

Friendship as Civic Democratic Practice
Los Angeles Review of Books, 4/15/17

Eesha Sharma
Here's a Way for You to Get a Better Handle on Debt
MarketWatch, 8/22/17

Feeling Wealthy? How Your Tax Refund (or Payment) Is Influencing You.
The Huffington Post, 4/26/17

Brenda Sirovich
Marriage at Sixteen, or Younger
Garnet News, 11/30/17

A Disturbing Truth About Medical School — and America's Future Doctors
The Washington Post, 5/8/17

Melanie Benson Taylor
Southern Silence: American Literature and Viruses
FifteenEightyFour, 5/28/20

Katherine Anne Porter's Pandemic
Los Angeles Review of Books, 5/20/20

The Convenient Indian: How Activists Get Native Americans Wrong
Los Angeles Review of Books, 4/9/17

Gail Ayala Taylor
The Best College Graduation Gift Ever: Success on the First Job
The Huffington Post, 7/5/17

Barbara Will
Breaking Down the Barriers: A Case for Academic-Public Collaboration
Federation of State Humanities Councils, 3/4/20

A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still a Harasser
WBUR, 11/29/17

American Women Died in Vietnam, Too
The Conversation, 10/2/17

Now America Has a Solar Eclipse to Match Its Dark Mood
The Guardian, 8/21/17

Shocking Detainment of French Holocaust Scholar
Garnet News, 3/8/17